Blog Entry #1: Arrival of the TMAG Artist team in Waterford.

As of saturday the 10th of August, the first Murals for Communities event has started in Waterford, Ireland. It's time to start testing our model for community art, and find out how we can best strengthen communities through working with Street Artists.

The First TMAG - which stands for Transnational Mural Artist Group by the way - has struck down in the city at the water. During ten days they will devote themselves to working with local communities. Their workshops will provide the inspiration and connection to the local communities, making sure that - whatever they create on site - resonates with the local community; it's fears, hopes and dreams.

From Lithuania, Timotiejus Norvila has come to Waterford to create an amazing new piece. The Netherlands has sent young up and coming female artist Yasja Ligtelijn (1991) to Waterford. And Waterford itself has nominated local artist with international roots Magdalene Karol to take part in the project.

The first three days will be spent on de workshops and setting up contacts with the local communities. Street Art organization 'Waterford Walls/The Walls Project' will make sure the artists have everything they need on location. Also, an experienced local artist and two assistants will help guide the visiting artists through their assignment.

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